Giordanos Olivenholz_34300 Lichada, Evia, GR
Giordanos Olivenholz_34300 Lichada, Evia, GR

The Giordano's, that is Salvatore Giordano, born 1959 in Terrasini, Sicily, Italy and Annette Giordano, born 1963 in Rottweil, Germany.


Since 1994 we have been living in 34300 Lichada, a small village on the northern tip of the island of Evia, also called Euboea, in Greece.


We cultivate about 600 bearing olive trees here and produce our own extra virgin olive oil under ecological aspects.


For some years, we sold not only olive oil and olives under the label "olive oil and more", but also our own spice creations, such as spice salts and spice mixtures, as well as Mediterranean herbs.


In recent years, however, we have had to deal more and more frequently with either extreme drought or "shifted" seasons, and we have had to accept an increasing number of extremely reduced harvests. This was the basis for our decision to stop spice production. Our potential production volume is too small to maintain a stable harvest.


Therefore, we said goodbye to our beloved agricultural craft in 2019 and produce our spices only for family needs.

Parallel to the olive cultivation, however, Giordano's small wood workshop has also developed in recent years.  


The pieces of wood from which we make our products are obtained from the annual pruning of our olive trees. Occasionally we also have to prune wild growth (macchia) from our olive tree plots, prune almond trees, or prune our fruit trees, and sometimes these are found pieces from dead or broken trees.


We then carefully select the most beautiful pieces and turn them into precious and timeless jewellery, key rings, chopping boards, tea light and candle holders, clocks and other home accessories.


We are proud of our olive trees, they are wonderful and idiosyncratic trees, some of which have lived for a hundred years and more and with a little luck and of course good care on our part, they will also live through the next century. During the annual pruning of our trees, we are always amazed by the unique charisma of this noble wood with its distinctive and unusual appearances, its lively grains.

Olive trees have many faces and tell stories!

Wood is a living material which, just like us humans, is subject to a process of constant change. It has furrows and folds, cracks and knots.

This makes working with this wonderful natural material all the more appealing to us!


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By using only wood from the necessary pruning, our wood products are sustainable.  All products are predominantly worked by hand. The rough shape is sawn, partly processed with carving tools and brought into its final form with patience and sensitivity. The fine sanding, which leads to the unique velvety surface, is done with broken glass and sandpaper of the finest grit. Finally, each piece is finely polished. We do not produce turned wood.

To bring out the unique beauty of the wood, we like to let the wood itself "speak". Any cracks, twists etc. that may occur in the wood emphasise the natural beauty and charm of this wonderful material.

Due to the direction of growth and unusual grain, the individual pieces themselves usually dictate what will become of them. That is why our wooden products, whether they are pieces of jewellery or objects of daily use, have their own unique charisma.

Since we attach great importance to individuality, we only make one-off pieces, not series. 

Every single piece from our wood workshop is therefore unique and corresponds exactly to the product photo. We cannot and do not want to reproduce a piece that has already been manufactured. However, we can try to make a similar piece according to your wishes and specifications, or adapt shapes and colours (beads, chains). 

If you are interested, you are of course welcome to contact us and we will do our best to accommodate your individual wishes as far as possible!