If you are planning to redesign your bathroom, there are many options and many styles.


In any case, the trend is clearly going in the direction of "living space". Where the bathroom was more of a purely functional space a few years ago, in recent years people are increasingly starting to make this space more homely.  Again, it has to be said, because if you consider how important bathing rooms were for the ancient Romans and Greeks, for example, then it's actually a return to the old. With them, as in the Oriental areas, bathing was not necessarily a private matter. There were bathhouses and people used them not only to cleanse themselves but also, among other things, to relax, to come to rest. Of course, among the higher-ups in society there were also those who could not refrain from politicking even in the bathhouse, but ....all in all, these were very homely places in which one wanted to linger and feel good. 

Whether you just want to add a few accessories to your bathroom or completely redesign it, the effect depends on colours, shapes and materials. 


Bathroom accessories made of olive wood are, of course, particularly suitable for the Mediterranean style, the oriental style, as well as for the country house style and combined for the vintage style. 

But we could well imagine that a combination with stainless steel and simple modern elements would also come out well!

In any case, the result should make you want to spend more than just 5 minutes there for a "lightning shower" and body and soul should definitely feel completely comfortable and relaxed in the bathroom!


Have fun developing your ideas!